Drop-In Activities for April 25 – 27

April 24, 2019

Drop-In Activities for April 25 – 27: To celebrate all that is in bloom, we’re making tissue paper flowers. Design a new species or replicate flowers around town. At the back tables we’re painting with liquid watercolors and drawing with markers. The combination of the translucent paints and the markers is quite striking. We have two printing activities. At the easel wall we have sponges of various shapes to print with. And at the paint table we have tile sheets to paint on to and ‘pull’ a print from. Another activity this week is bottle top necklaces, using mini geometric foam stickers for embellishing. Very mosaic-like. The sensory table has Oobleck to play with. The back bench has our magnetic sculpture set to build temporary sculptures with. And on the front bench we have colorful paper letters and fabric flower for collage.

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