Drop-In activities for Apr 24 – 26

April 23, 2014

Drop-In Studio activities for April 24 – 26: This week we have a shadow puppet theater set up in the back of the studio! At the back tables we have heavy weight paper, straight-edged scissors, decorative-edged scissors, hole punches, paper fasteners, tape, pieces of color film, and balsa sticks – I can’t wait to see the show!! At the paint table we have paint, pasta, tongs, and animals. Always a fun combination. :) We’re crafting nature wands using colorful yarns to wrap around sticks. As you wrap you can add beads for extra embellishment. We also have clothespin people to dress! With fabric, wires, tinsel, fabric flowers, colorful tape and more, make them for the tree house or to take home. At the sensory table there is a new dough: silky dough. Amazing stuff! There is also: easel painting, letter stamping, magnet play, and the tree house to play in.

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